The Gratitude Project

Gratitude has restorative effects on your whole being. Practice it!


I realized not many people practice gratitude and that alters our beings in a very twisted way. So, instead of complaining and fighting for everything over the internet, I saw a wonderful opportunity: The Gratitude Project. I made a series of small paintings in a notebook and posted them on my instagram account with meaningful messages.

I started this notebook for my beloved nephew, Matei, so he can find reasons to be happy everyday. I want to teach him that God gave us everything. We’re a Christian family so this project lives under the mark of Faith. Regardless of what you believe in, gratitude has been proven over and over again to be restorative for our bodies, hearts and minds. Keep what your wish from this, but never lose the healing perspective of: Thank You!

Thank You for today, that I exist, for the day that shall come.

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