An Owlsome Couple

I love winter! It’s inviting me to create tons of art and drink tea as a passe temps. The crisp air makes me feel energetic and the astonishing beauty of the dazzling snow makes my heart jump with delight.My love for animals and nature is public knowledge at this point, so no wonder I chose to paint a couple of owls.

I went with watercolours for this one and I’ll also turn it into a seasonal card because I think it would bring joy to be shared. The meaning of this piece is easily noticed: showing love by giving attention. You could gift someone the entire world, if you don’t pay attention to them, your caring will never warm their heart. Be aware of your actions and be present!


This is a watercolour painting so make sure you make your draft barely visible if you opte for pencil sketching. If you don’t manage to do this, don’t worry, just add more layers once the previous ones have dried and use a pen for contouring. 


This is a category illustrating the beauty and complexity of traditional art.

Nature inspired

You will discover that most of my art revolves around nature and all its inhabitants. I aim to show its beauty and invite you to protect it with every chance you get. Let's save our planet!

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