Cardboard,  Handmade

House of Hope

If you can believe this, I was building this house as a January experiment, while the Christmas tree was spreading festive lights all across the room. I haven’t posted it so far because it’s just the pilot of a possible series of such decorations. But I changed my mind as it brings me great joy daily, especially in the evenings, so here it is.

I’m saying especially evenings because then I take some candles with batteries (the house is made of cardboard so this is the only lighting I recommend, for safety) and I place them inside it. Then I simply allow it to sit there and pierce the darkness. For making it you only need cardboard, cutter, scissors, special paste for the snow and glitter for a fairytale look. As you can well see, these are all easily found in any hobby store.



This makes my heart wander to the idea of home, loved ones and hope. I’ll leave you with happy thoughts, whether you’re experimenting something creative or just enjoying stuff I post here.

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