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DIY: Forget-me-nots and poppies on shoes

Summer brings joyful garments and thus enables our well-being mood, whether we’re aware of this or not. The holiday cheer seems to be floating in the lazy heated air, and everywhere we look we seem overpopulated by flowers. And, oh, how we enjoy it! That’s one of the reasons why we decided to paint our […]

Burning Serenity

For some of us, the more ardent types, patience runs out a lot faster when we are confronted by situations that test our very thin endurance. I’ve been named (even by myself, ok, I admit!) – on numerous occasions – a storm, a volcano, anything that lashes out, basically.

A glass of nature, please!

Do you know what it’s like not to be able to stop trying new things? If so, I invite you to follow the initiatives that are sprinkled through your mind, because every single one of them is an important piece from the puzzle of happiness. If not, it’s never too late to start exploring.

Chromatic revival

Because I’ve officially had enough of the frozen season, I’ve decided to splash the canvas with something vibrant. Something to help me time travel through the following months and sample a bit of spring, my favourite season.

To the stars and back

I made this painting for my beloved sister-by-choice, Amy. She is a wonderful artist herself, so this is aimed to remind her how much she means to me. Plus, it’s a delicious metaphor for the freedom of our hearts, one that not even the stars can resist…;)

Above the clouds

For all lovers of heights and especially for someone who enjoys flying planes, this painting is a reminder of freedom. Or who didn’t at least once imagine what it’s like to have the super power to fly? 

Somewhere, sometime…

…once upon a dream. This painting is the closest to my heart until now, so this one’s for keeping. How does one find the light at the end of the tunnel if there is no tunnel to lead there?

Penguins take over PraliArt!

The cute secret agents from Madagascar have made their way on this blog – under the cover of a painting, of course. I’m more than honoured to have them in my gallery, as I’ve enjoyed their missions more than once.

Simplicity is always a good idea!

I love painting ever since I can remember but I took a few years break and now I’m more than glad to be back. I’m a self-taught artist and this one is for my mom, who enjoys poppies at least as much as I do.