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Meet the Artist

I’m Flavia and I like drawing ever since I can collect memories. Creating this blog and everything else I do is a wonderful journey of self discovery. I’m a balanced mix of creativity and precision which is visible in my work. I aim to bring Beauty in this world.

Protect Nature by being Grateful

A Balance: Heart...

I’ve always been an even balance between feelings and reason, it just took me a while to understand myself and provide the best context for me to prosper. Therefore, the interest I take in art ensures my Freedom  in this apparently liberal world.

...and Mind

The love I nurture for reading and building various structures defines the other side of me. I’m highly organized and I see the patterns most people miss, in behaviour and on shoes. I’m not limited by having Structure, it enables me to fully enjoy life.

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What topics will you find on this blog?

Nature Inspired

I love nature in all its beauty. Trees, mountains, seas, animals, they are all present in my work. Most of the topics on this blog are an invitation for you to protect it.

Analytical Topics

I analyze a lot and some conclusions of my ongoing contemplation are here. I post them because they might show you a different perspective to improve your life.

People Oriented

I aim to bring beauty in this world and  awaken the human soul with everything it is made of. I think this is the solution to all our challenges. This is the key to the best life we could live. 

Handmade Gifts

All of the items you find here are made by my hands with positive energy so the good vibes can spread. Besides, everything is unique, nothing is a series here.

Special Delights

The well-being of our bodies comes as a result of the state our souls are in. And also, we can affect our spiritual state by how we handle our bodies. You can find ideas for both on this blog.

“This project is the most accurate self description I could ever offer.”

Flavia Maria Dan

Some of my work

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