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Friends Have Your Back

I painted this t-shirt having in mind the idea of friendship. A friend of mine ordered it to surprise someone and I thought it would be a wonderful thing to wear. Unity is the cure for the heart’s turmoil. Having this in mind, I decided to stop making personalized items and to focus more on collections. Moving forward is often scary, but having friends who have your back is a comfort.

Winter gift ideas

This t-shirt is a unique gift idea for Christmas or the winter birthdays.

Friends T-shirt

I made this t-shirt using high quality water resistant paint and also textile decorations such as glitter and suede feel. These types of gifts are truly unique, therefore make sure you get them as soon as you see them, since they’re limited and one of a kind. 

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I invite you to explore and find a different gift for someone you want to surprise. On Praliart you will find plenty ideas to choose from as I always experiment new paths of creativity. Seasonal cards, illustrations, painted T-shirts and handmade wonders, plus many more await your discovery.

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Heartfelt Gifts

Through the Praliart products I aim to bring well-being for all. You’re not just gifting a t-shirt, but an experience. Try it and see!

Hand Painted

All the products you will find on Praliart are truly unique. Hand painting offers them value by making them one of a kind.

Various Designs

I’m constantly trying something new, which gives you a rich variety of designs to choose from. Nature, funny animals, cartoons, family, love, friendship are just a few main topics I create around.

Winter presents

This is a category meant to inspire you in your quest for unique winter gifts.

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