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Winter Feast

December has officially bestowed all rights for winter to take its rightful place. It’s snowing! This provides me with excellent context for drawing and enjoying hot cups of tea after long walks in the frosty air. I couldn’t imagine life without snowflakes.

I made this illustration for Nina and it’s one of my most dearest. I worked on it with a smiling heart. She inspires me to be classy and gentle so this is what I want to convey through it. She already knows what true beauty really means, without any effort.


Winter gift ideas

This snowy illustration is wonderful printed on mugs or offered as a winter card.​

Winter mugs

Winter is the perfect season to enjoy a hot cup of tea or chocolate, which makes mugs a useful gift idea. This item is perfect for women who love snow and enjoy warm beverages in the cold days.

Seasonal cards

Cards are a classy way of showing someone consideration. They require you to choose the right words and form a personalized greeting. This gift idea is designed for a lady who enjoys life lasting meaningful presents. 

Winter presents

This is a category meant to inspire you in your quest for unique gifts.

People inspired

I learnt a lot from people and I took great inspiration from my family, friends and strangers. Here you will find the qualities I want to promote for creating a healthy set of values and a prosperous society.

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