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Squirrel Photography

The second painted winter illustration is portraying a playful couple of squirrels engaged in a serious photo shoot. The winter scenery is idyllic, much like any snowy landscape if you ask me. The white empire is spectacular in contrast with the innocent creatures it shelters.

As you probably noticed, every piece I create has a meaning that the brush strokes convey. In this cheerful setting, I invite you to contemplate the heart warming gentle vibe that emanates from these two woodland beings. He is trying to get the best winter picture of his beloved and she is obviously not familiar with a camera. How cute, right?

I got inspired to create this watercolour painting by Geert Weggen’s winter photo session with a bunch of cute squirrels. Go ahead and enjoy his work here !


This is a watercolour painting so make sure you make your draft barely visible if you opte for pencil sketching. if you don’t manage to do this, don’t worry, just add more layers once the previous ones have dried and use a pen for contouring. As a colouring technique, start with the background and finalize with the most visbile details.

Winter gift ideas

This snowy illustration is wonderful printed on mugs or offered as a winter card.​

Winter mugs

Winter is the perfect season to enjoy a hot cup of tea or chocolate, which makes mugs a useful gift idea. This item is perfect for joyful people, photography lovers and winter enthusiasts. 

Seasonal cards

Cards are a classy way of showing someone consideration. They require you to choose the right words and form a personalized greeting. This gift idea best fits joyful people, photography lovers and winter enthusiasts. 

Freebies Here

This is a free items category I'm sharing to bring joy to this world. Money can't buy peace of mind.

Open the image in a new tab and save it. This one is free,
so use it to make someone smile. I already did! 🙂

Winter presents

This is a category meant to inspire you in your quest for unique gifts.

Nature inspired

You will discover that most of my art revolves around nature and all its inhabitants. I aim to show its beauty and invite you to protect it with every chance you get. Let's save our planet!

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