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Did someone say ‘Ice Cake’ ?!

Revel in the third watercolour winter card, meant for foodies! I wanted to draw penguins and cake. Both favourites. I aim to make this project sweet and amusing with a sprinkle of festive on top. So be enthusiastic like these cute penguins!

The playfulness and kindness of these wonderful creatures make them the perfect addition to this winter collection. Having this in mind, I confess that these two states are at the core of ever lasting happiness. Look at children, there’s plenty to learn from them.

Winter gift ideas

This snowy illustration is wonderful printed on mugs or offered as a winter card.​

Winter mugs

Winter is the perfect season to enjoy a hot cup of tea or chocolate, which makes mugs a useful gift idea. This item is perfect for food enthusiasts and penguin admirers. Cake lovers will also enjoy this!

Seasonal cards

Cards are a classy way of showing someone consideration. They require you to choose the right words and form a personalized greeting. This gift idea best fits food enthusiasts and penguin admirers. Cake lovers will also enjoy this!

Freebies Here

This is a free items category I'm sharing to bring joy to this world. Money can't buy peace of mind.

Open the image in a new tab and save it. This one is free,
so use it to make someone smile. I already did! 🙂

Winter presents

This is a category meant to inspire you in your quest for unique gifts.

Nature inspired

You will discover that most of my art revolves around nature and all its inhabitants. I aim to show its beauty and invite you to protect it with every chance you get. Let's save our planet!

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