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Sparkles of an Empress

Be an empress anywhere you are! It all sparks from within and it takes shape in your manners and in your choices. What you wear also speaks in your behalf so choose wisely. Dignity is one of the most outstanding adornments you could ever display.

I discovered Maria’s shop on Etsy a while ago and instantly knew it would be my source of jewellery purchases. This post isn’t paid, it’s simply heart felt. I admire the spectacular Byzantine details on every item I bought and I decided to share this publicly. Wearing this handmade treasure makes me feel sparkles of royalty.

Ευχαριστώ πολύ, Μαρία!

Vintage Rose Gallery Byzantine Collection

Christian Treasure

This is a spectacular piece of wearable art, displaying a gold plated Konstantinato Coin Cross ICXCNIKA of 16mm and a golden plated diamond cut dainty chain.  All the components are made of sterling silver 925 which are afterwards carefully gold plated. The Konstantinato is a testimony to the Orthodox faith and it was used to heal the sick during the Byzantine empire.

Swirls of Fire

A gorgeously crafted Byzantine pair of earrings, combining gold plated bronze filigree and fiery red Czech glass. The ear hooks are made of 925 sterling silver and are gold plated. This treasure is made for powerful and steady women.

Empress Signature

Amethyst was one of the most popular gemstones in Byzantine jewellery, no wonder why it’s my favourite. This pair of earrings brings to light large faceted natural intense amethyst gemstones and amethyst beads which are gold filled over sterling silver. This item is meant for confident ruling women. 

Deep Sea Drops

Another gem you must collect! Byzantine drops of endless blue, displaying gold plated bronze filigree and lapis lazuli of 8 mm. The ear hooks are 925 sterling silver, gold plated for a more precious note. This piece is designed for simple and elegant ladies.

Red Wine Delight

The perfect gift for a woman who appreciates the vibrance of red. This Byzantine pair of dangle red wine earrings presents a masterful combination between red crystal and red burgundy Czech glass. The ear hooks are golden plated 925 sterling silver and the piece is fit for vivacious women.

Royal Chandelier

A unique pair of earrings that is impressively portraying the colours of the glorious Byzantine period. The chandelier of colourful crystal beads has brass findings and copper tone ear wires, both nickel and lead free. This choice is meant for women who enjoy exploring and standing out.

Byzantine Decorations

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