Shapes in The Sunset

Abstract landscape paintings have never got to me. This is the first exception. I’m thankful my cousin – practically a brother to me – Dan decided to listen to his heart’s calling and try out some acrylics. I’ve always seen this gift in him, it just had to stand out at some point for everyone to see.

Dan’s unique approach is easily noticed, and his eye for detail stands out from the first glance. This painting represents a sunset by the pine trees and all the elements that accompany this vividly painted landscape are meant to spark your imagination. From the colour blend to the composition, this is a work of fine art.

Congratulations, my little brother!


Some of Dan's art highlights

A Hidden World

I was the lucky recipient of this digital illustration and to this day it amazes me with the metaphorical meaning it holds. So many thoughts, feelings and actions take place in this shell of a world. Some you see, most you don’t. 

Sunset Shapes

Traditional art is new for Dan and I proudly encourage him to explore this path more. Whether he chooses to convey sun rays or pine trees, he is certainly going to surprise us all with his unique paintings. 

Colour Burst

Another meticulously crafted piece of art displays a galaxy of colours, all colliding into a pleasing sight. The variation of the shapes and the way they are interconnected stand as a testimony to Dan’s blooming abilities. 


This is a place where different artists coexist in complete harmony.

Dan Florian Ile

He is an artist who combines traditional and modern techniques in a unique display of creativity. He paints and illustrates digitally, while also being a software developer. He enjoys cooking delicious food and exploring ideas and nature.

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