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A Forgotten Empire

I love Byzantium. From architecture to jewellery design everything seems to be part of a forgotten glorious story. I am an Orthodox Christian so my admiration for this empire is strongly fueled by the predominance of christian elements in byzantine art.

I was recently blessed to join my brother Sebastian, his wife and their group in the beautiful mission of reviving the lost treasure of Byzantium, its art. We are painting manuscript pages, working on mosaics, carving Byzantine details and playing music that was once the delight of emperors. This is the most fulfilling project I had so far, which is why I dedicated an important part of my blog for something different, unique in every possible way.

Hear the music of Kings

There is something truly imperial about the melody and the instruments in Byzantine music. This is Ross Daly playing my favourite song, Hatif. Enjoy!


Some of our exposition's highlights

Icon made of Stones

Father Calin’s work of art was my favourite item as it was entirely made of stones. He simply took what he found in nature and used these little pebbles in creating a masterpiece. It displays Christ in a delightful way. There are people who have an innate talent for turning stones into treasure.

Byzantine Mosaics

The mosaics are unique and a tribute to what art really means, in my opinion. The amount of work complements the glorious result. The small pieces of rock are cut to create a harmonious piece of art. The results are varied and the chromatic is spectacularly natural.

Manuscript Pages

This manuscript page was painted by my sister in law, Ioana, and combined with my brother’s work it’s what inspired me to join them. The pigments used are natural and long lasting. We are working with the principle of tetrachromacy, so all the colours you see derive from mixing four basic ones. 

Byzantine art

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