I love nature and I created a lot of content as an invitation for you to contemplate its beauty.


Kindness is the most inspiring of all human traits, so I want to enhance that with all the collections I make.


Through one of the most refined languages of the human soul, I intent to spread Beauty.

Winter presents

This is a category meant to inspire you in your quest for unique gifts.


Winter mugs

Winter is the perfect season to enjoy a hot cup of tea or chocolate, which makes mugs a useful gift idea. This item is perfect for those who love snow and enjoy warm beverages in the cold days.

Winter Cards

Cards are a classy way of showing someone consideration. They require you to choose the right words and form a personalized greeting. This gift idea is designed for people who enjoy life lasting meaningful presents. 

Protect Nature by being Grateful

Painted T-shirts

Discover the collection of painted T-shirts and choose a customized gift or simply enjoy one for yourself. The designs are water resistant as I’m using high quality textile paints, so they should last many seasons.

Unique Designs for Various Items

I’m not just painting on canvases and T-shirts, but also other types of textiles and items. I’m using the same high quality water resistant paints for textiles and acrylic for other items. 

Felt Decorations and Crafts

I invite you to explore a varied collection of different felt items, ranging from Christmas tree decorations to appliques. You can sew these on hats, scarves, coats and anywhere you like. You can also wear them as broaches and experiment with more styles. 

More of my work

Explore the Praliart universe and choose a unique style.

“This project is the most accurate self description I could ever offer.”

Creating this blog and the work displayed here is a wonderful journey of self discovery. I'm a balanced mix of creativity and precision which is visible in everything I do. I aim to bring Beauty in this world.
Flavia Maria Dan
Artist & Web Developer

painting gallery

Here you will find paintings depicting nature in a variety of landscapes. From mountains to seas and colourful skies, all await to delight you with their gracefulness.

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Birthdays & Events

If you are looking for unique invitations for special occasions, here is the place to find them. You can also have some crafted specially for you.

Seasonal gifts

Choose a different gift for someone you want to surprise. On this blog you will find plenty ideas to choose from, grouped by seasons.

Why choose to follow this blog?

Mindful content

I’m analytical and I read a lot, so you will discover ideas that might provide a different perspective or solidify your existent one.

Good vibes & experiments

I love experiments! So much is out there to explore. This provides you with plentiful content about various topics. I started making potions, for example.

Help others

I’m misfit almost everywhere, therefore I want to give those who feel the same way a place where they can belong. A lot of the items here will help charities.

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